We are happy to announce that we now offer Incoming Email Filtering

Incoming email filtering gives you all these benefits…

  • Full Inbox protection at competitive prices
  • Extremely accurate filtering
  • Easy configuration
  • Increase inbound email continuity & redundancy
  • Various reporting options
  • Friendly interface to keep you in full control over your email Increase employee productivity
  • Compatible with any mail server

Why Choose an Incoming Filter?

  • Incoming Email Filtering filters all inbound email and eliminates spam & viruses before these threats reach your network at a nearly 100% accuracy rate
  • The extensive control-panel allows you to remain in full control
  • Moreover, in case your email server is down, your email will be queued. Queued email can be accessed, read, and replied to via the web-interface adding to your inbound email continuity!

Why do you need a professional Incoming Filter?

  • Stop running the risk of IT network threats
  • If your Inbox is crowded with unsolicited bulk mail every day, then that’s a sign you need a professional Incoming Filter solution.
  • Get full protection for your Inbox and say goodbye to spam, virus and malware threats!

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Saturday, August 11, 2018

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