How do I update/change my domain name registration details for a

To update the Company and ABN details on a domain you need to do a Transfer of Legal Ownership (TLO). This is a chargeable service as it involves manual work with both Z Web Design and the Registry.

To apply for a TLO just email us and we will send you the paperwork that needs to be filled out. At this point you will also need to pay for the TLO, which is $80 + your normal renewal fee. The domain has to be renewed with the TLO as the registry will cancel the domain registration and re-issue a new 2 year certificate in the new business name.

Two forms will be emailed to you that will need to be signed by both the current and proposed new registrant. Once signed, please return this to Z Web Design and we will process the changes in the registry on your behalf. You should allow at least 48 hours from sending the form for the changes to come into effect in the registry. Please note that we can't complete the changes in the registry until the forms have been completed and emailed to us.

Please also note that as per auDA policy you are unable to submit a transfer of legal owner for any .au domain name within six months of initial registration, unless you are able to demonstrate exceptional circumstances (for example, the legal ownership change has been ordered by a court or other authority). Contact us if this may be the case.

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